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In the end of the lesson I get the error from Heroku

Hey there!

Are you sure you’re using POST and not GET? I just tested the request, and everything is working fine!

I found the problem. I missed a quote in the end and incorrect data causes HTTP 400 that interpreted as FileNotFoundException for some reason. Don’t know why but now it works for me.

The service doesn’t work for me either, I even tried it for postman. I get error 400, and when I debug I get FileNotFoundException

Hey @ricindigus!

Have you checked that your JSON string is valid? We’ve had issues where people missed a quote at the end, or didn’t format something correctly!

Also, make sure that you’re using POST for register, instead of GET. I just tested out the API using Postman, and it seems to be working fine.

So url should be: “” and the JSON should look like this (if you use an online formatter):



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Muchas gracias ahora ya funciona!!!

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@ricindigus Please post your comment in English. Thank you!

Hi! I have a problem with the registration of an user, i got “Invalid data!” every time. I even tried to run your code from Final folder and I get the same error… so i don’t think it’s an internal problem :-?

Hey @moonlime!

Have you tried using different data for the user? Given that I’ve used the data in the video, it won’t make sense to reuse that data because such a user is already registered. But if you try to use different data, you should be fine. Try changing the email to something unique and it should work fine!

I used your code, not your credentials… tried different combinations of users/emails/passwords…nothing works

I just tested the API using Postman and everything works.

Have you set the appropriate flags on the HTTP connection: “doInput” & “doOutput” to true?

Did you check your JSON structure & formatting to be correct/as in the tutorial? All the escaped String literals, all the colons and commas?

This should be your JSON structure:


Edit: I’ll check everything with the project too, but last time I checked this it worked fine.

Edit 2: I just downloaded the final project of E4, and everything worked for me. Created an account without a problem.

I’ve created a new device and run it again but on API 30, so i guess that was the problem:-? Thank you for your time tho

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