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Hey There!

This series was better than other video (I don’t want to mention the name for some reasons). I can see how you guys were excited while teaching. Feeling the nervous but it’s totally okay :slight_smile: It needs a lot of encourage to teach, so, you do that, appreciated it.

There’re a few things I’d like mention;

  • The visual materials are really poor. It would be great, to draw more visual graphics to make the app and topics clear. Due to that poor material and directly dive into the coding, I’ve lost my focus a few times in Builder pattern.
  • The quiz part would me better to be interactive so you can also see the content you teach is understandable or not. I assume this will come in the future.
  • The player sometimes can’t save & restore the playback speed and CC settings, as well the “Mark Completed” feature of the course.
  • Audio quality is too bad that hurts ear while using headphones.

And last but not least; don’t make the jokes please :smiley: if you gonna do it; it’s fine of course but with more sincere haha.

Thanks anyway, I enjoyed. Thank you all!

Good jobs!