Combining Tab Bar, Navigation and Table View Controllers

I am trying to follow along the beginning Core Data Video Tutorial 3. I would like to create the start up project from scratch myself but having difficulty in figuring out how to create the start up project for this tutorial which combines a Tab Bar control, a Navigation Control and a Table View Controller. I have spent a lot of time trying to do this but not having success. I would greatly appreciate advice on how to create this start up project myself. I am not looking for the code, but only advice on how to create this navigation scheme in which we have a Tab Bar Controll with a Navigation Controll embedded in it (the same as in the tutorial). Many thanks for your help.

Well, last I read Apple didn’t let you combine such vastly different root view controllers. Your app should have many view controllers either inside:

1). Tabs in a tab bar controller.
2). Levels in a stack controlled by a navigation controller.

You can therefore contain many table view controllers inside a navigation controller or inside a tab bar controller.

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