Code design question: UIViewControllerRepresentable + Combine + API calls / Future + CoreData / existing async calls

protocol MyRoutesSectionViewControllerRepresentable: UIViewControllerRepresentable {
 var myRoutesSectionViewObject: MyRoutesSectionViewObject { get set }

bunch of destination views of navigation links like so:

struct OfflineRoutesView: MyRoutesSectionViewControllerRepresentable {
// the count of `MyRoutesSectionViewObject` needs to be set here
// 2 options: make an api call (if so, what is the ideal way to this with this setup? i.e. in UIViewControllerRepresentable :/) 
// or as per my use case, will have to use a `Future` maybe to get the count from CoreData or existing async operations
// so as to update the count UI in the SwiftUI part of the app

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