Chapter 5 Bobblehead Wars

I apologize if this has already been covered in another post but I was unable to locate one. I am in chapter 5 of Bobblehead wars but my issue may have developed earlier and I may not have noticed. The issue I am having is that my marine moves fine with keyboard input up until I collide with any of my spawned aliens. At that point it appears my marine moves up a bit in the y axis and after that drifts in random directions accross the arena, ignoring any player input. Any help with this issue is appreciated.

Edit: Solved – later, after destroying aliens on collision the issue is cleared up.

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Hey there, what’s was happening was the aliens were launching your marine into the air since the aliens weren’t being killed. That’s why you lost control. That might be a bug on our side. I’ll run through the book again and see how we can fix it. In any case, I’m glad you were able to work it out.


Yeah I too was having the same problem, the Soldier conflited with the sphere collider of the alien.

But enabling the “is trigger” on the sphere collider does removes the bug.

However, how i could fix the issue if I still needed the both collider to work?

You can’t have an object collide and also be a trigger. When you set a collider, you need to set make it either a trigger or not. What is occuring is that the solider is stepping over the alien. Instead of using a sphere collider you could use a box collider instead so the player essentially walks into a wall. There are other tools - it all just depends on what you to happen when the marine collides with the alien.

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