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Chapter 3 RxRelay

when i .bootstrap/sh clear and run, there is no problem with RxSwift,
but when import RxRelay, there is an error no such modul RxRelay
what should i do?
i cleanup buiild, run .bootstrap and more…but it doesn’t working

should i edit .bootstrap/sh file?

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I also ran into this issue. Did you ever figure it out?

@freak4pc could this be an outdate version of RxSwift in the file causing this?

@cisforcojo @odyflame
Can you try marking “Build Active Scheme” on the “Playground Settings” panel?

This seems to solve the issue for me:

@odyflame @cisforcojo Do you still have issues with this?

Trying build active scheme worked for chapter 2 when RxSwift didn’t show up.
For chapter 3 checking active scheme box doesn’t solve RxRelay problem.!

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 10.56.36 AM|690x431

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I am also facing the same problem, checking “Build Active Scheme” only seem to fix the issue with import RxSwift, I still have an error showing up for import RxRelay

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