Chapter 19 problems, typed in program not working as intended

I have some problems with the typed in program from Chapter 19:

  • I have imported the GameUtil folder like written, but some how Xcode is spawning errors with a not found GameHelper.
    My only solution was to drag the contents (in project navigator) from the folder directly under Mr.Pig root.
    This is working, but I wonder why it was not working before. I have compared my typing with the starter project and I don’t see any difference at all…

  • At almost the end of the chapter the SplashScene has to appear, with me only a white screen is appearing.
    First I thought that maybe it didn’t execute the code in Func setupScenes() so I included there a print output. It was showing up in the output window (debug).
    Again I can not see any difference with the provided code listing (looked at the final project of the chapter); I even have copied/pasted the code from the function to my typed in listing, but to no avail.

can anybody help, would like to know what I am doing wrong.

Xcode 9.0 (9A235)
High Sierra
3D iOS Games by tutorial 3.0.1 (ePub)

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