Chapter 16 of iOS Apprentice

I cannot get my Done and Cancel buttons on my new Add checklist scene to work… Something is wrong in the connectivity. Please help!!

You might need to provide more info for someone to give a specific answer.

You could check the connection inspector in storyboard to see if they’re linked to the done and cancel functions in the tableviewcontroller.

Check the source code from RW, see how yours compares.

Do a print statement in your done and cancel functions to see if they are recognising the touch.

Maybe you haven’t progressed far enough down the tutorial where they link them up?

Is your tableviewcontroller set in the identity in the storyboard.

I’ve tried everything recommended and I still haven’t got the connectivity working. It is for the add checklist Controller.

Did you set checklistviewcontroller as the delegate for listdetailviewcontroller and implement the cancel and didfinishadding and didfinishediting delegate functions. These functions should pop the viewcontroller.

Im not sure what you mean. I believe I did I did everything the book said to do.

I have even used file merger to check all of my code… I’m struggling and don’t know how to solve this problem. I feel like I’m over looking something so simple.

Do you need a snip it of anything else to help me solve this problem?

You may have overlooked something with the delegate. Chapter 13 v8.3.0 describes your situation page 336:

“➤ Run the app and try the Cancel and Done buttons. They no longer work!
I hope you’re not too surprised… The Add Item screen now depends on a delegate to make it close, but you haven’t told the Add Item screen who its delegate is yet.
That means the delegate property has no value and the messages aren’t being sent to anyone – there is no one listening for them.”

Check page 338 ‘Conforming to the delegate protocol’ which sets the delegate in ChecklistViewController.swift. You might be checking AddItemViewController for errors when the problem is actually missing a delegate in ChecklistViewController.

im in chapter 16 pg. 417. The done button in for the Add Checklist page

neither button work… The done nor cancel

Does the snip its of the connectivity look right in the pictures above?

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