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Chapter 1: What's New in Swift 3

I recently started reading iOS 10 by Tutorials and I wanted to ask some questions about the content.

Under the topic “The Grand Renaming”, why is the Swift 3 version of the method call to get a specific cell from a table view written as follows:

I looked up the method header and the “at” is written as an argument label and not as part of the method name:

My other question is about the following part of the same topic:

What is meant by “Allowing the ‘index path’ to be removed from the parameter name”? According to the method header above, indexPath is still a parameter name. Is this supposed to read “Allowing the ‘index path’ to be removed from the method name”?


is definitely the current version of the function. Going from Swift 2.x to Swift 3 breaks some additional things but they are mostly an easy fix.

With regard to your second question I think Swift 3 achieves that aim:

cellForRow(at: indexPath)

where indexPath is the variable.