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Chapter 1: Hello Unity - Importing Assets - Materials folder not created

I followed the text in page 38:

In the folder for this chapter, open the resources folder and look for 3 files:

  1. BobbleMarine-Head.fbx
  2. BobbleMarine-Body.fbx
  3. Bobble Wars Marine texture.psd

Drag these three files into the Models folder.

Select the Models folder and you’ll see that you have a bunch of new files. Unity imported and configured the models for you and created a folder named Materials.

I selected the Models folder after dragging the mentioned files. The folder ‘Materials’ was not created by Unity . Any ideas?

P. 38
Unity Version: 2017.30f3

@bdmoakley @vegetarianzombie Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

That sounds like a bug somewhere. I suggest deleting those files and try reimporting them. Also check other folders to make sure that the folder wasn’t imported into another location.

Using Unity Version: 2017.30f3 on MacBook Pro (15-inch 2016) macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.2

I have to do the following to generate the Materials folder:

  1. Drag BobbleMarine-Head.fbx file the Models folder
  2. Select the file and look at the tab ‘Inspector’
  3. Click [Materials] button
  4. For Location I selected ‘Use External Materials (Legacy)’
  5. Click the [Apply] button

Now the Materials folder is created.


That’s interesting - I’ll run some tests and if I replicate, I’ll update the package. Thanks for the heads up!

I had the same issue on my iMac with unity 2018.1.1f1 and had to use the tweak above.

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