Ch 4 Section - Introducing character controllers

Hi, I am new to Unity. After I follow along the tutorial. I run into the issue in Ch 4 - Introducing character controllers. After I remove the Rigidbody and change to Character Controller and update the script. My SpaceMarine just fall into the ground. I have checked the BobbleArena-World_Cemtre-Mesh Collider
setting and also the SpaceMarine-Character Controller. Seems all the values and setting is correct. It seems the Character Controller Collider is not functioning. Can anyone help me??? Thanks.

Hi, Just resolved this issue by re-select the BobbleArena-World_Centre-Mesh Collider-Mesh and the problem is gone. Thanks.

Ahh I’m glad you solved the issue! Please feel free to let us know if you run into any more problems in the future and we’ll do our best to help you :raised_hands:

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