Can't toggle checklistItem from RowView

I wanted to add the functionality back in where you could check/uncheck items by tapping the checkbox, rather than having to open the edit view and use the toggle.

So I added this line to RowView:

But got the error:
Dynamic key path member lookup cannot refer to instance method ‘toggle()’

Here is my RowView.swift:

struct RowView: View {

@Binding var checklistItem: ChecklistItem
@ObservedObject var checklist = Checklist()

var body: some View {
  NavigationLink(destination: EditChecklistItemView(checklistItem: $checklistItem)) {
    HStack {
      Text(checklistItem.isChecked ? "✅" : "◻️")
        .onTapGesture {


@redjman Do you still have issues with this?

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