Cannot play video courses

I just subscribed to the video courses, but unfortunately, I cannot play them.
The video starts playing for just several seconds then stop and display the following error message:
“the media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem or because the media used features your browser did not support”

I’m using chrome.

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Same problem. Have tried Safari and Chrome

The same problem. could @raywenderlich fix it?

Hi @abdullahth, @relex, and @salimkhan,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Is this with all videos or a specific video?

Please try these things to narrow down what may be causing the issue for you.

  1. Try a different browser and see if the issue persists. (some of you have already stated which browser you are having the issue on, but please do try another browser if you haven’t already done so.)

  2. Try watching this video to see if Vimeo is blocked in your location:

  3. Check to see if cookies are causing the problem. You can do this in Chrome by clicking File->new Incognito Window. Then sign in to your account and see if the videos will play. If this resolves the matter then you can go to this URL in a non-incognito window to remove our cookies:

  4. Check that JavaScript is enabled.

  5. Check for content-blocking plugins.

  6. Take a look in the console and send us any errors.

  7. Send us screenshots of what you are seeing if the above suggestions don’t resolve the issue.

Please send me an email at it you are not able to get the videos to play so that I can assist.


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Ok, I have tried all these things from your list, but nothing helped.

Hello. I’ve got subscribe, but videos is not playing. I try all browsers.

I don’t know about the other guys, but for me, I changed the ISP and the videos play well now.

In my case, vimeo was blocked by my goverment for some reason :sweat:
using vpn may or may not work