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Bull’s Eye app stopped working on iPhone

Was so proud of showing off my Bull’s Eye app on my iPhone 6 running on iOS 12.4.1, but yesterday at a family get together, my app refused to work. Click on the red circle icon, a white screen appears, then disappears and I am back to my normal iPhone home screen. If I double-click on the phone’s home button, the Bull’s Eye app appears as an active app. But if I touch it, once again a white screen, and back to normal iPhone home screen. Double-click again, yes, still showing as an open app. But definitely not working. I have ‘rebooted’ my iPhone , no change. Haven’t tried deleting the app and reinstalling yet, but unless someone has an answer?

I think it is only provisioned on devices for 7 days or less. You will need to re-build/install.

Thank you, yes. I deleted the app from my iPhone, reinstalled it and we are operational again. Must put a note in my Reminders to reinstall on a weekly basis?

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