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Book updated soon?


I hope this book is updated soon. As it is, it seems to be useless at this point. If one uses SDK 28, the code in the book does not match the current SDK. I tried telling Android Studio to use SDK 26 but I cannot do that as the gradle version is 3.2.1 and it cannot use SDK 26 or so I understand.
If I’m missing some knowledge and someone can clue me in, I would appreciate it but as it is, I’m really disappointed by this book.


Hi mwbeatty,

We are working on an update for the book right now, with the update being provided free for readers who bought a digital copy of the book. :grinning:

As soon as the book is ready for our readers. We’ll be sure to announce it via the website.




2nd the update request. I installed Android Studio 3.3 (current as of 23-Jan-2019) and the book is so far away from what I see on the screen. I constantly have to figure out where in AS3.3 a similar feature/function of the book is located.

I truly appreciate the RW team efforts and already bought 10 eBooks (that’s commitment!). Please update soon. As in ‘very’ soon.


@mazen_kilani Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! We will update the book soon. Thanks again! :]