Best way to display list of data

I have a database table of data that I’m wanting to display in a list in an IOS app. So far it’s been written entirely in swift with no plans on changing that.

I was looking at the table views, but not sure if that is the best method for this.

Date field
Data field of no more than 80 characters

Over time this list can grow a bit but should have no more than say 500 entries.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi @dpalme

It depends on what layout do you want this list. If you want just a vertical list of items you can use a uitableview. If you want something more flexible you should probably take a look at uicollectionview.
I hope this is helpful.


You might want to take a look at the following: it’s an excellent tutorial introduction to UICollectionView and all written in Swift. And - oh yeah - it’s free. :slight_smile:


I think you should use a UITableView, is’t simple and very flexible. UICollectionView is more complex at the beginning.
To make cells grow on content size make sure to use Autolayout to adjust sizes. At RW you will find great tutorials to work with UITableViews.