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Hello, at around 3:40, on line 28 of, when we are creating an array of checklisteItems, why is there a “()” after the declaration and initialization of the array?

The parenthesis is really the constructor. Essentially, this:

var numbers =  [Int]()

Is the equivalent of this:

var numbers = Array<Int>()

By omitting the parenthesis, you are just indicating the type without calling the constructor:

var numbers = Array<Int>

So that’s why we add the parenthesis after the type. I hope that helps!

Dear, @bdmoakley

How can I resign editing session when I press (+) or when I change to a different view? Right now, it seems like I am still in the edit mode when i go back and forth from a add Item view to a main checkListItemView.

Hey there, what you can do is call setEditing() in your prepare(for segue:). Set it to false at the beginning of the segue and that will reset the table before the new view controller is pushed on the stack. Good luck!

Dear sir,

I got the following error where the indexPath did not have row member.

What are the workaround to this?
Appreciate any help.

For some reason, Xcode thinks you have an array of ints as opposed to an array of indexpaths. It’s a little hard see why that’s happening from this vantage. Feel free to email the project to and I’ll take a look.

Did you end up solving this? I have the exact same issues


Looks like @mkiara called indexPathForSelectedRow on the tableView instead of indexPathsForSelectedRows. The first one will only return a single index path not an array of index paths.
Most likely that’s why you have that error as well.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks. Yes I did end up finding that mistake eventually.

Hi everyone,
Brain, thank you for the course! :smiley: It explains plenty of concepts and features. It is quite hard for me, but the length of videos allows to rewatch it easily. Thank you very much for your explanations!

I have a question. How can I make the Delete Button enable only when a user is editing the Checklists?

I came up with the following solution.

  1. Create an Outlet for Delete button:

@IBOutlet weak var deleteButton: UIBarButtonItem!

  1. Add in the func setEditing(_ editing: Bool, animated: Bool) :
    if editing {
        deleteButton.isEnabled = true
        deleteButton.title = "Delete"
    } else {
        deleteButton.isEnabled = false
        deleteButton.title = ""
  1. Uncheck isEnable and erase Title text of bar item buttom Delete in Main.storyboard

@valeriego Thank you for sharing your solution - much appreciated! :]


Very strange bug with xcode 11.2.1. After lesson 47, when I turn on edit mode and drag my row, after I release my row, edit segue is open up, how to fix it?

Hello ramory-I,
Try this I had same problem so I tried this.

Hello sourav13! Thank you very much! Working for me)

Thank you! Had the same issue. It is still in 13.3.3