Beginning iOS Unit and UI Testing - Part 1: | Ray Wenderlich

Find out what we’re going to cover in our "Beginning iOS Unit & UI Testing" video tutorial series!

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Good tutorial.
I’m a old school IBM i developer trying to learn iOS/Swift and you’ve convinced me to try to encompass TDD from the start instead of deferring testing to the ‘end’ of development.

The course is wrongly promoted as a Swift 3 iOS 10 course, it was actually recorded for iOS 9 and Swift 2!

It seems that I was confused by the author’s use of the iOS 9.3 Simulator in the first videos. The course uses Swift 3.

The projects in this video series were created using Xcode 8.3 and Swift 3. You can verify this by downloading and opening any of the course materials from any video after the introduction, including the free video PART 2: Test Basics, with Xcode 8.3.

Perhaps you’re confused with Xcode 9, which was just recently released? If you open one of these projects with Xcode 9, it will give a warning about “Conversion to Swift 4 is available” but should still build and run. This course was created before Xcode 9, however, so “your mileage may vary” regarding full compatibility.

For the best experience, use Xcode 8.3 and Swift 3 when working through this video series. :]

I was probably confused by your use of the iOS 9.3 Simulator and that you left the target as iOS 9. See these videos:

Take for example lesson 2 minute -16:15 the movie clearly shows an iOS 9.3 simulator
Another one lesson 3 minute -7:55 again iOS 9.3
Lesson 4 minute -7:37 again iOS 9.3
Lesson 5 minute -8:58

I’ve edited my comment to reflect this.