Beginning iOS Debugging - Part 6: Control Flow | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Use Xcode to step through execution of your app one line at a time. Learn the different ways to step through your code.

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This video is not the control flow video but is the same as the call stack video.

Hi Jerry,

This video is the same as No.7, “Call Stack”. Please look into this. Thanks!

@bas and @mike thanks for pointing this out. These issues should be resolved now. Both videos 5 & 6 were not right and have been fixed.

Thanks for your quick response!

Thanks for the quick fix!

is there a reason why when stepping into checked on new xCode, it takes me to the assembler instead of the next line (checked = !currentState)? I have always show disassembly turned off.

If you’re on line 39 going to line 40 of ShmecklistItem.swift, use “step over” instead of “step into” to proceed to the next line. Is that what you mean?