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Awesome tutorial! Learned a ton. I would love to see how to apply predicates to Binary Data to fetch specific photos that match some criteria if possible, don’t know how efficient it is to retrieve bytes that match a certain predicate.

It’s best to do some tests, but you wouldn’t be just querying on binary data. I’d give it a key and then access the binary data when you need it. Cheers!

I just finished Predicate lesson. I didn’t use the search before. but after typing pout all the code. I found search is not working. I have breakpoint in “searchBarSearchButtonClicked” Method and it never gets hit.

Any pointers for me what and where should I look?

PS: I am using Xcode 11.3.1

Without seeing your code, it’s very hard to diagnose the problem. Downloading the final project, it appears to work fine. My suggestion, compare your typed out project with the final project and look at the code differences. That should get you started.


Thanks, Brian,
I found the issue. when you use a hardware keyboard in the simulator. It doesn’t hit the delegate method. which makes sense.
I have finished the course. I have been using videos since its beta and you were the only instructor.
Still, you are my fav one.