Autoanswer iOS feature

I was been told to develop an app with an auto answer (call) facility – it’s a critical care app where an ailing any family member can be monitored. We want this facility to be enabled for our app (for specific numbers) and not for other phone calls. Is it possible?

Hi @viji, welcome to the Ray Wenderlich forums! I do not know how this would be implemented for an app, however, I would kindly suggest taking a look at CallKit.


You may want to use the ability for your iPhone to automatically answer incoming calls on your behalf whenever you’d like to use the phone hands-free.if you’re driving a car that doesn’t have CarPlay or working out at a gym or running while listening to music on your AirPods, which lets you make and receive calls using your paired iPhone’s cellular network, the Auto-Answer call should come in handy in a bunch of other situations when interacting with your phone may be impractical.if you’d rather pick and choose what you want to answer, this new feature probably won’t be suited to your needs.The Auto-Answer mode plays nicely with iOS’s Do Not Disturb mode.Enable Do Not Disturb, if the Auto-Answer Calls feature allowed you to create a white list so your iPhone would automatically pick up only the most important calls from select people?

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