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AsyncDisplayKit Tutorial: Achieving 60 FPS scrolling

AsyncDisplayKit enables you to achieve 60 FPS even with a highly interactive UI. Learn how with this hands on AsyncDisplayKit tutorial.

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Hello @rcach thanks for excellent tutorial, I am facing one issue in your implementation , I am not able to addTarget to any components, May be i am missing some thing can u help me out in this.

Hi Mukesh, the issue is that the tutorial is quite old and was written a long time before Xcode 7.3. I opened the finished project and fixed all the issues and re-uploaded here. Hope this helps! I can’t say for sure but we might be working on a new version of this tutorial :wink:

Thnks for reply rcach, Also i have successfully achieved to integrate the AsyncDisplayKit.

I have seen the above project which you have shared before, It has following issue

  1. It’s not using updated AsyncDisplayKit Framework(AnimatedContentsDisplayLayer , preventOrCancelDisplay doesn’t work now)
    2.Also when datasource is big(let consider a count of 100) at that scenario it get crashed when user uses touch status bar(1.e scroll to top)
    3.Reloading gives a flicker issue, Can u suggest how to implement fade animation as AnimatedContentsDisplayLayer is not working.

And lastly thanks for excellent tutorial it really helped me a lot.Cheers

Please update for swift 3.0.1