Apple Pathfinding Example

Hi There! I need to create something very similar to Apple Pathfinding example on:
This project lets you specify maze dimension, starting point and end point, it then generates a random Maze and solve the shortest route.
What I need to do, is to create my now maze, instead of generating a random one, and Im having trouble doing that! Help would be much appreciated.

Here is Apple Project Download Link.

Hey there,
Tammy Coron did a great tutorial on this.
I have watched it a few times now… but it’s on

Yeah, Thanks! But that uses a grid system, have you seen one Finding a Path in an Arbitrary Graph as stated on the documentation of Apple?

Did you figure this out?
Sorry I didn’t check until now…
I believe you need to use VectorNormalization to achieve what you can do in GamePlayKit

Hello, Thanks for asking, I was able to solve my problem, Thanks for asking.

What did you do?