App Extensions - Custom Keyboard


Anyone has any tutorials on how to create emoji keyboards? I was wonder if the ios * tutorial book covers this.


Take a look at the iOS 8 By tutorials book available on this website, on the chapter 14 you can find this description:

Chapter 14, Keyboard Extensions: You’ll replace the system keyboard with one of your own; iOS is now open to the world of intelligent swipe, Emoji, and animated GIF keyboards.

Here is the link: iOS 8 By Tutorials

Good Luck!!

Thanks jecht83. Do you know if that chapter is just showing how to replace the standard keyboard with a similar standard keyboard ( i found a lot of those tutorials) or if they will be using an emoji example, thats what I have had no luck trying to find.

Thanks again.

Hey @knokio

This book show you how to implement a similar keyboard with new buttons and custom actions but i think this book will give you the basic understanding of how to create the keyboard that you need

take a look at other tutorials too and practice with them try to return a string with characters or return Unicode scalar to represent an emoji like this

textDocumentProxy as UIKeyInput).insertText("\u{1F496}") // 💖, Unicode scalar U+1F496

you can find more about string in swift here

Swift - Strings

Good Luck!!