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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to design and implement App Clips.

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Hi @gcpam,

I am currently exploring iOS App Clips. I came across an article on your website which I found it quite insightful. I want to build an app using the artifacts provided by the author and publish to the Apple App store to further explore all the Invocation points. The reason is that, I want to explore all the App Clip invocations which is currently not possible in TestFlight as per Apple Engineering team.

I want to check if there are any issues with regard to the copyright / IP using the artifacts provided by you. Please let me know ASAP. Thank You :slight_smile:

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Hi @akhi85 - you can do this, as long as you follow the license requirements in the source code we provide, which effectively say “you can use these materials in your own apps, as long as you include the same copyright notice in your own work”. You can view the license at the top of the .swift files in the downloadable materials. Thanks!

Sure, I will concur to your guidelines. Thank You, so much :slight_smile:

You are awesome and you Rock :metal:

Thanks! Go build some amazing things.

I ran into an issue setting up the associated domain that others may encounter. In the Getting App Clip Experience Data section it says to add “appClips:swiftyLemonade.example” as an associated domain. It should be “appclips:swiftyLemonade.example”. appclips should not be camel case. App Store Connect will not match the associated domain with the AASA file if appClips is used. This will prevent you from creating App Clip experiences and creating App Clip Codes in App Store Connect.