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Alternative Use Case pattern to handle multiple action

Hi, sorry for the confusing title
in the last chapter about use case element, there is this example

class SignInUseCase: UseCase {
// input data variable
// side effect subsytem variable
// progress closure variable
// init method
// start method

I understand the objective of this command pattern, where you put all the state, then execute it based on the input data. But I want to achieve where I don’t need to create a use case for a single action. So I am looking for an alternative pattern that looks like with this pattern where I can put multiple actions on it, just like below

class AuthUseCase {
// sign-in method
// log out method
// read user session

I know that the above code is the repository pattern, but I need it to contain multiple use case to avoid bloated use case in the project. Thanks

I just thinking that the pattern I am looking for actually making the code low cohesion, since it will contain more than 1 functionality, someone can delete this question