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Alerts stopped working in Chapter six

I got thru chapter 5 ok. Part way thru chapter 6, there was some code that should have shown some alerts when doing a build and run. These didn’t appear, so I went over my code changes and didn’t really see anything. I then created a new 06-dependency-injection-mocks-org, took the code from pg 104, and put it in stepCountController.swift, and built and ran it. No alert displayed.


Maybe the real question is should I have used the Starter project from Chapter 6 or moved forward with the Chapter 5 code while working on the Chapter 6 pdf?

@mkatz Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

@steveb_la yes, you it is a good idea to start over with the starter. Are there any errors in the console and do all the unit tests pass?

Hi, I encountered the same issue because in the starter project in the storyboard, the alert view is behind the main view