After Being Initially Rejected, I Finally Got My App Published

I am very happy to announce that my seventh app now is finally published in the app store!

I submitted the app under the initial title, “Chemistry Memory” but as it turned out, there is a German company that has rights to the word “memory” and so Apple would not publish it. I had a choice, either take out everything with the word “memory” in it, or publish this app in areas where they don’t hold the rights to words memory, or submit proof that I have the right to use the word “memory” in my apps.

I choose the former, and now Chemical Combinations is now up and running in the app store.

It is an old school memory game where the player has to match the chemical elements with its corresponding number. It is actually a lot of fun to play! If it does well enough I will work on adding the other elements to the code. Right now, we only do the first 15 elements.

Fun Fact - The other elements, up to number 20, are already in the Project, you just can’t access them yet because the For loop only goes up to 15

Just remember the moral of the story, if you plan on making an app with the word “Memory” in it, don’t, find another word. Just out of curiosity, has anyone else had their app rejected, and if so, why? and what did you do to fix it?

Can you call it “Chememory”?


I once had an app rejected for forgetting that you should not use private APIs in the store, in my first app I had trouble dismissing a keyboard and used a private method to identify the first responder. I knew exactly what I had forgotten to fix once I got the rejection letter, own fault entirely. :rage:

A bit of a late congrats to you! It must feel awesome being able to hit that publish button for the first time, and even more awesome seeing your very first creation live on the app store. That’s what I’m working towards, and it is awesome seeing others like yourself accomplish this. It’s more motivation to beginners like myself!