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Advice? I want to move my new app away from an app development company


So I’ve been developing an app with a company from India (fairly reputable) however I am not getting along well with them. The app is kind of finished but I’m desperate to take it away from them, as i don’t want to go to another stage of development with them. I have zero coding knowledge. Im just trying to find a way to get it away from them? Is it something super difficult to do technically? I literally have no idea of the logistics of it or what kind of developers to ask to give me a hand? Thats the thing with big app companies they kind-of take care of everything. Design, back-end, front-end etc… However your just another app for them and they might be developing several at the same time. Any advice would be welcomed… thanks


I would find a new developer and then get that developer’s help asking the Indian company for the existing work products. The transfer is not technically challenging. Typically, work products consist of source code and configuration files in a Git repository. Visual and sound assets may be stored outside the Git repository.