Advanced Swift 3 - Part 15: Hashable Types | Ray Wenderlich

To use your custom types as dictionary keys or in sets, they need to be hashable. This video explores utilizing custom composable hash algorithms.

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After following your “Advanced Swift 3” tutorial video series, specified lesson 13 “Unsafe memory access” and lesson 15 hashable types. I recognized I totally missing some knowledges about pointer, memory, buffer! :joy: :joy:

By the way your video is grear. Thank you

This is the best course so far on Loved it :slight_smile:

@duong_khong i was wondering if you had any good resources you could share for pointers, memory and buffer. After watching the videos, i realized the same thing lol

After watching the videos, i same thing like that .

I know this video is marked for Swift 3 but I was curious - Is the best way moving forward to use the new Hashable protocol in the Swift Standard Library?

Good question. Yes, this needs to be updated! Working on it. Most of the time you can leave Hashing to the standard library and compiler generated code. But there are situations (using classes!) when you need to write your own. Check out the hasher example here:

Great! Thanks for the link, appreciate it!