Advanced MapKit Tutorial: Custom MapKit Tiles |

In this custom MapKit tiles tutorial, you’ll learn to modify the default MapKit tiles by adding cool, custom tiles to an adventure game.

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Hi and thank you for this tutorial !!

In this example “max-zoom” tiles folder is 16 and overlay.maximumZ = 16
I’ve tried to setting maximumZ to 17 but the “overzoom” seems not to work properly.

I would like to zoom in further without you need to use a tile source that provides higher zoom level tiles ( like Android does with: map.setMaxZoomLevel(17) )

Hi, I have been trying out your excellent Mapkit tutorial but it is behaving very strangely on iOS15 and Macbook M1 Pro with Monterey OS12 . The map is flickering terribly and is unusable. I am sure this is not how your example is meant to look and behave. Are you aware of the problem and any idea on how I fix it? I have attached a 3s video of the behaviour.

Best regards