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Hi. Chapter 7 - Introduction to Mockito
Possibly trivial and maybe it’s just me but in the CocktailsRepository and CocktailsApi classes, I do not find the method’s name getAlcoholic() to be self-explanatory, but rather confusing. As it is getting the cocktails from the API, I was wondering why it was not called getCocktails() for instance, which I think would help with reading/understanding the code and keep the focus where it should be.
It is only when I had a look at TheCocktailDB API documentation that I discovered you could fetch alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails and that the name getAlcoholic() suddenly made sense.
However, given that it’s just a tutorial on testing here, not on fetching data from an API (hence no need to check the documentation to understand it), maybe renaming that method would be worth considering (getAlcoholicCocktails()?) to keep the flow. Thank you :slight_smile: