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2D Apple Games by Tutorials has been completely updated for Swift 4 as part of our iOS 11 Launch Party!

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first of all, thank you for the books. I finally got my hands around it and doing all the steps and challenges.

I am not sure if this is the right place to report an issue, but let me try.

I am noob at SpriteKit and Xcode for now, so can’t judge if the issue is in the framework, the book sample or the xcode.

When I assign physicalBody using code, sometimes XCode thinks it is still nil.

1 out of 5 times it runs ok though…

Update: added more prints to check if texture is nil for whatever reason. It is not…

texture <SKTexture> 'cat_body_outline' (360 x 398)
2019-12-18 17:22:25.804585-0500 CatNap[45075:3100079] PhysicsBody: Could not create physics body.
physics body nil

Do you have an idea of where to look for the solution?
Thank you

@ninside Do you still have issues with this?