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27 Free iOS Tutorials Now Updated For Swift 3

Swift 3 brings some exciting changes to iOS development. We're excited to announce a long list of tutorials that have been updated for Swift 3.

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This is so awesome, there is nothing worse than trying to learn something new, downloading the example code and having to do the clean up yourself just to get the tutorial to work. Well actually it gets worse when you get half way through the tutorial and it still needs refactoring. Great job, thanks to the all of wenderlich team!!!

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Thanks Vincent! Just to reiterate what I wrote, if you come across an older post that you think would be popular if we updated it, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Hi, I am reading this tutorial NSURLSession Tutorial: Getting Started, I see many discussions there, the tutorial is really nice but it’s not updated for Xcode8 and Swift3 yet.
Hope it could be in the update list.

Awesome! Thank you so much

Ya, NSURLSession is really popular. I’ll add it to our list for consideration, thanks for calling it out!

Awesome job, thanks to the team for making this happen! (:

Please update “Beginning Audio with AVFoundation”, Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add it to my list for consideration!

Would love to see the JSON tutorial updated for Swift 3

I would love to see the How to Make a Flappy Bird Game updated for Swift 3!

I would also love to see this kind of tutorials with swift 3.0