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Zen Lounge Meditation App for Stress Relief with Relaxing Sounds

Zen Lounge is one of the simplest and best apps for mindfulness and meditation. Even a child can use it. It is also suitable for aged people as the user interface is pretty simple and easy. It has a hand picked selection of music and nature sounds which can be mixed and matched. The key features and insights into the Zen Lounge app are as follows:

Life-changing anti-stress activities

• Relaxing sounds featuring nature melody and white noise
• Manually adjustable timer to adjust meditation duration
• Mix and match nature melody with different sounds
• Maintain daily Zen streak to achieve newer ranks
• Record and track your daily progress
• Get rid of sleep issues and anxiety
• Focus booster app for beginners, intermediates, and pros
• Wide assortment of Zen sounds and melodies

How to use:

• Download and launch the app
• Choose a Zen activity from the wide collection of lifestyle categories
• After choosing a Mood add three nature sounds
• Adjust sound levels with the equalizer
• Set the duration and play the meditation sounds
• Mediate everyday to maintain your streak
• Check your stats and share with friends on social media
• Unlock new Zen levels with consistency

What are you waiting for? Step onto a journey of unlocking a better lifestyle with Zen Lounge: Meditate with relaxing sounds.

Download Zen Lounge for Android Phones and iPhones or Learn more on Zen Lounge Website