Your Second Swift 4 & iOS 11 App - Part 35: | Ray Wenderlich

Segues are relationships between view controllers and can also pass information between them. This video will cover the basics of them.

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At this point of the “series”, I have never been more confused in my life. While the walkthroughs have been pretty good, I guess I just am not understanding exactly which things are doing what. I don’t feel like there’s enough explanation behind a lot of these more complex parts of the videos, and it’s really f***ing up my head. :joy:

Hey Justin, Sounds like you may have missed a couple of concepts and now everything is starting to pile up. Can you describe what is confusing you, and if not, what’s the last thing you understand before everything gets blurry. Definitely let me me know and I’ll help you walk through it.

I think the best question to ask in this situation would be, what would it look like if it were easy?, One thing that helps me is realizing a few things.

  1. I won’t and can’t possibly know everything at this point.
  2. Looking back at things as they become obvious to me, helps to reinstate what i just learned about the overall process and how they interconnect, reinforces my new learned ability.
  3. Have fun and don’t get frustrated, when you get tired of these videos or irritated, draw or better yet look at some of their design videos, it will help you stimulate that other side of your brain. :wink:

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Hello and thanks for this awesome course, I’m just confused with the “prepare for segue” method, I really don’t understand why it needs to be set the delegate to self and how is the flow of the segue and the Add bar button step y step, Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A segue is called every time you are switching view controllers. This allows you to do any setup needed in your upcoming view controller. In the example, I wanted the calling view controller (that is, the view controller that initiated the segue) to be notified of any events from the new view controller. That’s why I set the delegate to self.

In other situations, you may not need to do this.It’s just the case with this view controller. Does that make any sense? Thanks!

Here is a tip for everyone following the tutorials like I have. Replay the videos and if you still don’t get it, keep going, for some reason or another it starts making sense along the way. That has been my experience so far.