Your Second Kotlin Android App - Part 32: Creating a | Ray Wenderlich

With your activities converted to fragments, all it takes is a little bit of code and you'll be able to create a simple tablet layout.

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It looks like the content in this video is fairly out of sync with Android Studio’s current way of generating/organizing different-sized layouts. I had to follow a different workflow to achieve the same results.

@nbmoody What errors do you get exactly?

No specific errors, but the workflow for creating fragments and activities has changed in Android Studio (at least for Mac). I’ve needed to back up the videos a few times because I reach different steps at different times. The actual content is accurate. No big deal, but wanted to call someone’s attention to it.

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Yep, it was super hard to follow and keep up. Also, this was a lot of information to take in.

Yes, this was super hard to take in. I am honestly stuck at this spot and can’t move forward with it. The flow of the videos here were really hard to follow and it just seemed like it was thrown together. Up to this point I was doing well but right here I’m completely lost.

I gave up at this step due to the large amount of code suddenly needed to be copied off the screen, many things weren’t explained (in the xml) which was frustrating since I’m a (10 year) iOS veteran. It seems like it wasn’t built for someone who wanted to learn Android/Kotlin, and more targeted towards giving someone the experience of having their hands forced into building a kotlin/android app. The way the app was built also felt wrong (and I get it would be for a very small demo) at some deep level, and I felt sure I wouldn’t approach the task in the same way as I was forced to take dictation. The first android/kotlin app video course was great though.

That’s great to know. We’re always reevaluating our courses and I’ll make sure to keep what you wrote in mind when we next revise it. Thanks!

I don’t feel fully satisfied the way code went on in this video. :-/
It really appeared rushed and ain’t layout_weight attributes used with Linear Layouts, how can they be used here with constraint layout?

@bdmoakley Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

As people mentioned before in previous post one of the big issue in RW is keeping update content. I have seen couple of times for written and video tutorials. Some tutors explain really well like Brain but some tutors are just explain briefly. Up until this video I was really having fun to learn android.

Hi boys from RW and others,
can somebody help me with this error?

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: findViewById<RecyclerVie….list_items_recyclerview) must not be null
at com.raywenderlich.listmaker.ListDetailActivity.onCreate(ListDetailActivity.kt:25)

I am not able run code on phone. On tablet it is ok.

I am completely stuck :frowning:
Thanks for you help

Hi yogaboy, did you ever resolve this issue? It sounds like you are missing the control on one of your layouts. I would receive your layout file and make sure that view is present.

Hi @bdmoakley ,
thanks you for your reply. it’s been too long. I probably found a solution. :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway …

Glad to hear it. Cheers!