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Your Second iOS and SwiftUI App |

Thanks Jessy.

Seems like it really makes no sense to dig into SwiftUI too much right now…
Maybe even for a couple of years !
That’s too bad, my goal was to update a few of my 10 year-old obj-C apps to SwiftUI, mainly to avoid the whole Autolayout mess…

@ryannee Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated!

@jessycatterwaul just a note, I think this course should come after the " Programming in Swift: Functions and Types" in the iOS Beginner’s Learning Path. I’m by no means new to programming, but I am new to Swift, and going through this course I was often left scratching my head about what on earth was going on. Going through the Functions and Types course would have made it much easier to follow along in this course (particularly the section about closures).


Is the “Your Second iOS and UIKit app” course gone? I’m coming to this straight from the path and have zero experience with SwiftUI as I chose the UIKit path for the first Bullseye app.

Working through this tutorial I was surprised the code in the Binding video worked despite XCode raising an issue. Specifically, the code in ContentView is changed to be:

ForEach(taskStore.tasks) { index in
  RowView(task: self.$taskStore.tasks[index])

I’m surprised this works because it is now iterating over tasks rather than indices, but then treating the value as an index inside the loop. What’s the intuition here? Thanks!

Hey! It sounds like you didn’t follow the preceding video. I think your answers are in there.

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Yes - I rewatched that video and see how it works now! I watched the two videos a few days apart and had forgotten what the extensions had provided. XCode is also no longer showing an error, so I’m not sure what that was about.

Thanks for the super-fast response, particularly on a Saturday afternoon!

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Hi Jessy,

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I’m kind of stuck in several ways.

  1. I’m unable to create nw topics in the group “Official Tutorials”. Is the group closed?
  2. The “Your second iOS and SwiftUI app” is for Swift 5.1, iOS 13, Xcode 11. I’m on the latest versions Swift 5.3, iOS 14, Xcode 12, which makes the code break. E.g. view modifier navigationBarTitle is depreciated. What to do?

Thank you!

Hi Jesper,

Nobody can! Every course episode and written tutorial gets one topic, automatically, only.

  1. If Xcode offers a button, inline, to fix it, use that.
  2. If not, looking up the error message on the internet should hopefully provide a solution.

Normally, coming here to ask about such problems would make sense, but a whole new Your Second iOS and SwiftUI App is about to be released. I think next week, but you can check with customer support.

OK, sorry if I’m slow here. So the way to post questions on a topic, say “Your second iOS and swiftUI app” is to reply to the first post on the topic. The one you’ve created on the 19th of October!?

I didn’t really create it. :wink: A discussion that corresponds with every episode is automatically created upon course release Typically, a question can be targeted at an episode, but it doesn’t always make sense.

If you find this system lacking, please let customer support know!

I have followed every code changed in ‘Adding to your Model’, my input just didn’t store in my tasks list. Appreciate your help.


Please follow the following episode, and post your version of the project in the comments there if you’re still having issues.

Thanks. I triple-checked the code, they seemed identical. However, once I’ve added the ObservedObject and related code, my input can be added to the tasks array. BTW, as a beginner, it is quite challenging to understand the concept for the 2nd iOS app things. I am trying my best…rewinding videos, reading with 0.5x or 0.75x and jotting down notes. Thanks for your nice videos. :slight_smile:

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