Your Second iOS and SwiftUI App |

Use the knowledge you've gained from creating a SwiftUI app and learning the basics of Swift to create a more complex app: one to track your book collection!

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Hi, I think there is a problem with the project folder. Inside there is a ReadMeApp.swift file. In all the projects when you run they crash.


I just tried it for the first episode. It did not crash. Please find an episode where the crashing happens, and report in the comments for it.


I’m sorry I worked with the previous version of swift. Now that I update it’s fine. Thanks

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For anyone here reading the comments before starting to watch the course, don’t let the reviews deceive you. You have to give props to the RW team for listening and improving from the earlier version of this same course. This is a completely different course that teaches you SwiftUI that is a lot better than the last one. Give it a try!

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Does anybody know how to download materials to their Xcode?

Just to let you know, I had to really get way above average in Swift before I was able to understand everything in this tutorial. So for starters, make sure you understand EVERYTHING from the documentation first and can explain concepts before you want to conquer and take a lot out of this tutorial. For beginners, it is still too demanding. I personally appreciate this tutorial as it is kind of the “deep-dive” one and quite neat approaches are showcased BUT a beginner will never be able to appreciate it. I personally think that it would be much more practical just to cover the overall basics of making this app work instead of showcasing the more advanced techniques. Nonetheless, this one is valuable but not for the light-hearted, only the ones that take SWIFT and iOS Programming seriously.

Hello. Is this course based on only SwiftUI or there’s UIKit too?

As a real beginner in learning SwiftUI and IOS Programming, I thought this whole tutorial was way too demanding. I had to watch it (and then rewatch it again and again) at half speed to retain anything at all. It feels like it’s a few steps above my level for the entire tutorial. If you’re a real beginner to coding, and you’re following the learning path, I recommend going through all of the other beginner courses/tutorials and skipping this one. Instead, try making your own simple app. You’ll learn 10x more doing that than by staring at all of the complexity that is supposed to be your “Second IOS App” ever.

In the interest of keeping this learning path engaging and approachable, I believe this course demand some “decomposition” and additional “commenting”, it would be probably best to rethink it. Without any disrespect for the tutor, I think this section of the learning path lacks any pedagogical approach beyond the mere “repetition” design pattern that without a proper guidance/comments will not lead a beginner to anything more than confusion. Once again this review it is not meant to be a negative review of the tutor.

This tutorial is very hard to follow. The instructor jump from one file to another too fast and between lessons appears new code without explanation.

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I have some experience building apps using UIKit(3 apps published on the appStore) and I’ve been studying SwiftUI for a couple months now and I say without a doubt that this course is very far from a beginner course. Even with my experience was a bit of a challenge to figure out all the pieces involved on making this app to work. The Instructor was doing his best on abstracting the complexity of the app trying to make the students focus on the UI building part but the data modeling part requires a preety advanced knowledge on swift to understand. It was a good course overall, but the staff should consider reestructure this course or even redo in a begginer friendly way, because I believe that most begineers will struggle on this one.

I followed the learning path course by course, and got really stuck on this session.
Just like other comments, it will be great to expand and elaborate more on this session so that beginners can fell less frustrated and moving on. is by far the best video tutorials I can find online for SwiftUI. Thanks a lot.

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Like many of the other commenters, I hit a brick wall working my way through the iOS and SwiftUI for Beginners learning path when I hit this course. There are a lot of advanced Swift and SwiftUI concepts being used here, and no attempt is made to explain them.

The root of the problem is trying to an image picker in the app, which I believe was done to try to mirror the app built in the UIKit for beginners learning path.

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in the lesson 12 you’re using this:

let uiImage: UIImage?

instead of this

@Binding var uiImage: UIImage?

I’ve tried both of them (and of course I used $image in BookRow and DetailedView) and both are working. What is the difference and why do use id without Binding?


If you don’t need to be able to mutate a value and have it update the UI, a constant is the best choice. Using a Binding will compile, but it’s unnecessarily complex, and adds no functionality. It’s clearer to anyone who looks at code in the future if you use the most restrictive form of a property that you can.

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