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Thanks for information. I might check out that book.

This course was really good. I learnt a lot, still a little confuse on some topics but I will go over them. There is one bug that I found though, Only one new task can be added. The + button doesn’t response after adding the first task. Cant seem to figure out why tho

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Thanks for the feedback!

The bug you’ve discovered is something that we’ve been discussing in the comments for a few of the episodes. I’ve logged it with Apple but still haven’t heard back about them providing a fix.

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Ok thanks, much appreciated

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@jessycatterwaul, thank you for a great course! Looking forward to see all bugs fixed by Apple =)

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The app has a bug. To reproduce:

  1. delete the last item in any section
  2. tap on any of the Tasks to edit
  3. crashes with: Fatal error: Index out of range

I used your last version in Download Materials (P04E07 Picker Views 2).

macOS Catalina 10.15.1, XCode 11.3 (11C29), happens on simulator and the device

Thanks for the report! Some of the rest of us noticed that happening with Apple’s releases from later in the month the course was released. I reported it to Apple on October 21 but haven’t gotten any word about a fix.

Hi, is it possible to move tasks between sections using onMove method??

Not yet. SwiftUI doesn’t offer a mechanism for it. (I demonstrate this at the end of the Sections Views episode.) Here’s hoping this changes in three months at WWDC!

Just finished the course. Thanks for the great instructions!

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Hi Jessy,
I completed course now. However I feel that I did not get all of the things introduced in the course. For example:
Binding,State, Published, use of closures, extensions, your pre-prepared extension files, dependency injection etc. All of this concepts are not clearly for a beginner lever and (mostly said “you will learn about this later”) course turned into following you mechanically. I am not sure relating the course second will make any difference.
I feel that the explanations in th course are not appropriate for a beginner’s level.
I really want to learn IOS development and put my time into it.
Please could you help me.


I’d have to agree with you. As a beginner I felt as thought I don’t exactly have all the steps down as well as he does. I also thought that I was just following along. I don’t think I am quite ready enough to sit down and build an app from scratch without running into a ton of errors. Maybe I have to start building small projects to get the handle of things but it seems like a lot for a beginner indeed.

It seems I am not alone, who felt in this way after completing the course. I also do not feel ready to go forward and complete the other courses on the path. It seems it will be waste of time.

If things go like this probably I will give up raywenderlich and look for another alternative or I will give up IOS development completely.

Try the next one. We’ve gotten good feedback on it! I’ll be updating this course in the summer; here’s hoping it’s actually possible to make Lists beginner-friendly. Otherwise, no Lists! :smiley_cat:

Just finished the course. Thanks for the great instructions Jessy

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@akchang @amurad Really glad you liked it! Cheers! :]

My honest review after completing Your Second iOS and SwiftUI
Up to section 3 I managed to understand what is going on,…but section 4 I cant pretend I am sure what is going on, there are too many connections from a view to another to loose track veryquickly.
Maybe this will sink in later but for now I have to pause and move on with the rest of the course.

Just finished this course, and unfortunately I didn’t think it was a good followup to the previous Programming in Swift Fundamentals course. In that course, I felt like it was going at a reasonable pace, explaining things well as they came up, and I was able to complete the challenges on my own each time. The instructor for that course spoke relatively slowly, introducing concepts and re-stating them when they’d come back up later in the course. As someone who’s done a fair amount of scripting, there were points where I even felt he was going too slow and would skip ahead, but it’s better to err on that side for people who are new to code altogether, so that’s fine.

With this course, for most of the time I was typing along without really understanding what exactly was going on. I think there’s a few reasons for this:

The instructor spoke relatively quickly, and I sometimes had trouble following along at that pace when he was using a bunch of new terms all together and I needed to remember what each of them meant. I did try using the speed setting on the video but the distortion it creates in the audio is very distracting. I think even just pausing more between sentences and between lines of code would give us more time to process what is happening before moving onto the next idea.

This course assumes you perfectly remember all the content from the First App course. For things like @State variables, types of unwrapping, what the $ means, etc., it would be useful if the first time they’re brought up in this course you took a few seconds to step back and recap what they are again, rather than assuming I remember from the one time I used them two courses ago. Even if you took a couple sentences to do this for each concept, I’d imagine it’d only add 5 minutes to the total runtime of the course, but help a lot with not feeling lost.

I think the biggest part of it is just the jump from writing isolated scripts in the previous course to writing an app in this course. Because there are more advanced concepts necessary to make an app build properly, there are several times where things are glossed over with a “you’ll learn more about this later” but that just left me not understanding what was happening with the code being written and just copying it down.

I think in general with my experience so far on RW, it would help if there were more overlap between the courses, i.e. in each course the previous concepts were reviewed and reinforced as they were put into use, rather than assuming people are perfectly fluent in the content from previous courses.

Overall, after completing this course I don’t really feel like I’ve actually retained much of anything, unfortunately. I think my next step may need to be to repeat the course again and see if that helps.

Oh, also a potential bug report: Everything works fine in the simulator, but I wanted to try out running my app on my phone. Once I got it all set up and ran it, hitting “Edit” didn’t actually change the List view to the editable state with the delete and reorder controls. (It did seem to think it was in Edit mode though because “Edit” changed to “Done.”)

I am running the Big Sur beta, the Xcode 12 beta, and the iOS 14 beta on my phone though so maybe this is just a bug somewhere in one of those :sweat_smile:

Sorry, one more note. I found it confusing that the references are named the same as the classes. E.g. var taskStore: TaskStore and var prioritizedTasks: TaskStore.PrioritizedTasks. It made it hard to follow along when the instructor said “task store” which one he was referring to, and I’d have to watch very carefully in the code for that capital T and infer from that. (Not sure if this is because of convention, but naming them differently would help a lot.)