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Your First Kotlin Android App | Ray Wenderlich

Learn the basics of Android development by creating your own game. This course is designed for people new to both Android and development as a whole.

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Hi there,

Please could this course be updated? This is my first dabble into Android development and using Android Studio (having previously only done iOS development last year) and I’m finding it a little difficult at times to follow as it would appear there are a number of UI changes to Android Studio between version 3.0 and 3.3. Some of these are only subtle but can throw a first time user of Android Studio.



Hi James, We have the course scheduled to be upgraded at some point this year. I don’t have specific times, but I’ll pass on your concerns to the android team. Thanks!

Your company is known for the IOS training but the Kotlin courses seem to be short on video training & the Android Studio is now at 3.4 - Can I really learn Android & Kotlin with your Kotlin learning path ?

I’m reviewing the path now and I have to say, it’s well suited to get you started. We’ll be updating our Android Apprentice course to the latest version soon. If you want to follow the course with the exact version of the android, you download a previous version over here:

Great tutorial. Very detailed and great explanations for beginners (like me). Thanks!

@robot2019 Really glad you like it! :]