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Learn how to convert your app from portrait to landscape mode.

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I have this warning:

BullsEye/BullsEye/Base.lproj/Main.storyboard: warning: Auto Layout Localization: Views without any layout constraints may clip their content or overlap other views.

And my simulation screen won’t turn into the right direction:

Two questions:

  1. What to do about that warning
  2. How to make sure my app will show up normally in either direction

@mesqueeb Do you still have this issue?

I also have the warning message issue when running the simulator just after adding the first button (hit me). Any suggestions on how to treat this warning ? (btw the orientation is ok with me - just the warning issue)

@yanko Does the warning appear in the video sample project too?

fixed by adjusting the device orientation in the simulator

@yanko Really glad you fixed it! Cheers! :]