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Your First iOS App - Part 41: Styling with | Ray Wenderlich Videos


Learn how to style buttons to use custom images, and how to style sliders to use custom thumb images.

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Web developer here learning Swift and really enjoying your course and videos so far! Quick question about removing the “start over” text from the button and replacing it with an image. Doesn’t this hurt accessibility (a11y is a particular interest and focus of mine)? Apple’s docs for buttons in Swift state:

"Buttons are accessible by default. The default accessibility traits for a button are Button and User Interaction Enabled.

The accessibility label, traits, and hint are spoken back to the user when VoiceOver is enabled on a device. The button’s title overwrites its accessibility label; even if you set a custom value for the label, VoiceOver speaks the value of the title."

Now that we’ve removed the title, how would we go about adding an accessibility label for the button? Can’t seem to find it in the Xcode UI.