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Is there any way to change the Alert modal look and feel? Or shall I say a simple way? Obviously when I inspect “alert” it takes me to the definition, but no idea how to edit it to my liking. thanks

Unable to apply .background(Image(“Button”)) to Hit Me, Start Over, or Info buttons. They appear dark blue with white or black text. Icons appear to be same color as background and are not visible. The application is able to display the correct background image, but the button backgrounds don’t appear to be working. Any suggestions?

@jkidd Unfortunately the look and feel of the alert modal isn’t customizable. If you want to do something like that you’d have to develop something custom.

@jcupak For the issue with the “blue buttons”, see the author notes / forum discussion on this video for the solution: Your First iOS and SwiftUI App · Styling the Buttons and Slider |

After Googling around, I found the answer to the blue button was to either call the render mode method with .original or change the button property to original.