Your First iOS and SwiftUI App:Polishing the App: Colors and Gradients

I have a problem with Xcode 12.5 in the Colors and Gradients video which does not match with the video lesson. I don’t have rights to create a New Topic in the Official Tutorials discussion, so I am posting here.

Following the instructions in the video, I have been able to create a BackgroundColor color set, but when I tried to create an AccentColor, I had a problem. Unlike in the video, the Gamut choice is sGRB and Display P3. Also, there is no Color panel displayed in Xcode for me to input the color values for the Accent Color. How do I make the Color panel appear in the Inspector so that I can input the color for the AccentColor?

I have made a screen shot of what I am seeing in Xcode 12.5 to show the problem I am having with inputting color for the AccentColor.

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