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For whatever reason I can’t get my Xcode to show SwiftUI when I am creating the project. It creates a Swift Blank App project with a ControllerView file and some others but there is no “ContentView” file.

Did You download the Xcode 11 beta on
and for the note, SwiftUI Canvas preview only shows up on MacOS Catalina beta. :frowning:

I can’t seem to get the preview to work… the simulator runs fine. (11.0 11A420a)

The preview shown in the video only works on MacOS Catalina, I expect you don’t have the beta MacOS installed. I also don’t and will wait is only a few weeks away.

Do we have to install Mac OS Catalina from the current Mojave to support Automatic preview for XCode

Following the tutorial and when I select show swiftUI inspector and change the text, the spinning wheel comes up and does not stop. How can I fix this?

@uryw SwiftUI previews work in Xcode only on Catalina by default, so you need to upgrade from Mojave in order to actually work with them and use them after all.

@zachsplr Do you still have issues with this?

I had the issue with the previews not showing, so have updated to Catalina as recommended. Once I had update the previews still did not work for me.
As I’d only just created this project in Xcode, I just deleted it and started again. The previews now show the same as in the video.

@rosec Do you still have issues with this?