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Your First iOS and SwiftUI App · Conclusion |

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Yaaah I did it :tada::tada::tada: My 1st iOS App using swiftUI and it’s working :grin::laughing: .
Thanks A lot @rwenderlich You are a great teacher.

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w00t you did it! Congrats for making it all the way through the course @ekramy, and thanks for sharing the screenshot!

I’d bet most iOS developers haven’t gotten too far with SwiftUI yet as it’s still early days, so you’ve got a nice head start! :]

Thanks, @rwenderlich for your nice words. You have excited me to continue.:grinning:

Woohoo! Thanks for this course. Just finished it and it feels good!

Congrats Michelle! :smiley:

@rwenderlich Tank you so much … I finished this Free course on SwiftUI and Xcode the Bullseye and I just feel great … I did learned a lot your methods of teaching so easy to follow and most importantly so fun … Thank you for a great course

I learnt a lot. Ray you really are an incredible instructor. I complete the course in a couple days and I understand every word that came out of your mouth. Cant wait to subscribe.