Yay_Autolayout - 'Yay_Autolayout' is not a valid command

Following in the book, I get the below error in the Xcode console after ctrl+o in nano and pausing execution. It’s supposed to dump out all the views in the applications, but does not. What did I miss in the instructions?

(lldb) Yay_Autolayout
error: ‘Yay_Autolayout’ is not a valid command.
error: Unrecognized command ‘Yay_Autolayout’.

I think its related to the “nano ~/.lldbinit”, as indicated by the nano viewer it creates this in “File Name to Write: /Users/pauladdy/.lldbinit”. I thought it would create it in root so that Xcode picks up on it… ?

Resolved it on my own by switching to the vi editor.

@pauladdy Thank you for sharing the solution - much appreciated!