XCode Source Editor Extension Tutorial?

When, if ever, can we expect a tutorial on the totally ignored and utterly undervalued XCode Extensions that came in with XCode 8?

We’re almost on XCode 10 and the number of actually extensions on the App store can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are a few websites around with a few more, but none are really that useful.

I’ve tried doing it myself, but I’ve been seriously struggling with how to edit / re-format the code.

i.e. I can say for example, add a new line after the }, and after the else in a ’ } else { ’ or ‘}else{’ line of code, but I have idea how to make the new lines indented correctly, or to match up with an existing indent many lines of code above the line I’m currently parsing.

Could we get some of the experts who do tutorials to take a look at this and maybe even spur on developers to add more exciting and useful stuff to XCode that Apple simply won’t bother to do?

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