Xcode Letter Definitions

What are the letters to the far left of the attached image in Xcode called and where do I find their meanings? I can take a guess what some mean from what we have learned so far but would like to be certain.

Hi @geezer, that’s a great question! I was unable to find a direct source to the Apple documentation but found a link that describes them as “Code Sense”.

A shortened version:

  • C: class
  • S: struct
  • Pr: Protocol
  • Ex: extension (found in the symbol navigator, but not code completion)
  • T: Type (generic type constraint, protocol associated type, etc)

Link to the longer version: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6662395/xcode-intellisense-meaning-of-letters-in-colored-boxes-like-f-t-c-m-p-c-k-etc)


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